October 22, 2008

Leather jacket tips for men

(Ocean Drive Leather's B-20 and B-18 jackets make fit and proportion the secret to looking good in leather. Courtesy Ocean Drive Leather/Gordan Dumka.)

Besides crimson leaves and pumpkins, is there any surer sign of autumn than the arrival of leather coats and jackets?

Leather warms against chilly winds and can shed water. Leather also captures perfectly the seasonal melancholy of rain-slicked streets, longer nights and the sense of rebellion a man feels when he leaves behind the summer of childhood and is forced to embrace the cold hard reality of adulthood.

As fashion historians Richard Martin and Harold Koda once wrote in their book, Jocks and Nerds, leather is 'wild' and 'the essence' of men 'who sign their defiance of civilization by wearing black.' Leather is totally cool or should be - and it can be if men know how to wear it correctly.

Too bad many don't.These last few weeks I've identified a number of atrocious leather faux-pas and found a few fixes...

(continue reading my tips in the Vancouver Sun)

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