May 23, 2012

Father and son

An image from a 19th century fashion journal. I've posted it before.

I actually find it touching.

Why striped shirts for summer

Trying to stay cool, neat, and dressy but not too dressy this summer is the serious question I will be addressing in my next Style Master column for The Vancouver Sun.

While I won't reveal all my tricks or those of the sartorial powers that be (and they are powerful -- for their thoughts, you just have to read my column), I will tell you the virtue of striped shirts: they don't show off wrinkles the way plain fabric shirts do.

Another benefit of the striped shirt (not to broad, okay, one should avoid appearing as an awning or a barbershop pole), it has colour and pattern and holds up well with a plain blazer and NO tie. Better yet, they look lively with the jacket off - which plain shirts do not. Plus you get to roll the sleeves. That's so macho.

But what of checks and micro-checks? Well, on me, they can make me look short and my face heavy. I do like them immensely though.