October 22, 2008

God (Non-liberal elite kind) love her: Sarah Palin's new image cost Republicans $150,000

I am fascinated by the story. Not because I think it's appalling that someone running for office needs a makeover - but I'd love to know how she dressed before the GOP makeover.

Next time around, I'd like to be picked to run as VP.

The Republican party has spent $150,000 (£92,000) on clothes and accessories since late August for Sarah Palin and her family, according to records of party spending.

(more from the Guardian)

In my run, I'd buy the Fitzgerald line of suits from Brooks Bros. I'd get knitted ties from JPress. I would still cut my own hair.

Admittedly, I wouldn't wear a bow tie. The world may have a US president who is black but the ugliness of prejudice still remains against bow tie wearers.

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  1. What would you get for your VP candidate makeover?