October 9, 2008

Digital Camera, Megapixels and the Fashion Writer's Dilemma in Vancouver

I'm going to do it. Buy a digital camera.

I will buy a Nikon D40 at 6.1 megapixels because megapixels don't matter. It's enough. To have a leap in quality one would have to use a 24 megapixel camera to double the resolution of an image. Not needed. And my suspicions were confirmed by the New York Times tech columnist, David Pogue.

Now why do I need a digital camera. Well, it seems Vancouver designers are under-served by photographers. Certainly it can be expensive. Also, it's hard to get the shot you want for the articles you are writing.

If I had Kris Krug or Fiona Garden in tow with me all the time, that would be different. I would shutter up and let them shoot. But we all can't be graced with such lovely company and artists...so I'm doing my own thing. So I may catch what I catch.

I'm going digital. To check out my film stuff, go to my photo project: Everybody in New Westminster.

Nikon D40 here I come.


  1. great post jj.
    ps. feel free to invite me out to anything you are covering... i'd be happy to shoot for you. :)

  2. Your post really hits a heart string. I'd love to have a fashion photog with me 24/7!