May 31, 2010

Socks, sandals, tea dresses and men without socks

Tune in when I get the opinion of Vancouver's finest designers and fashion thinkers on this summer's trends:
  • socks with sandals (HOT TOPIC)
  • mid-calf length hemlines
  • and men in dress shoes without socks
You'll hear from Jason Matlo and Carlie Wong and, of course, JJ and CBC host Stephen Quinn.
That's On The Coast, on CBC Radio One in Vancouver at 5:49 PM

Also you can listen online live.

May 28, 2010

Flash thoughts on Obakki Fall Winter 2010

Obakki's collection featured stretched leather denim-cut pants with a luxurious sheen and suede wedge details and champagne-hued sequined silk in wraps, tops and dresses.

Body-hugging dresses of modal and viscose with panel detailing may not be distinct enough to compete with cheaper cotton jersey and rayon dresses.

Obakki's cotton floor-length strapless evening dress rises above the common place with stretched leather wrapped at the bust. It cleverly contrasts the matte cotton.

Overall, Obakki continues to explore asymmetry and monochromatic textures whilst creating a very wearable collection.

It always seems like the women's clothes are the classic fashion items (like a t-shirt or pair of jeans) from a not-to-distant future or an alternate reality. There everybody is wearing Obakki.

May 20, 2010

Debutante does JJ: my take of slim straight jeans for men

It's always nice to be noticed. The Denim Debutante - aka a fetching Jaime Palmucci - posted about my latest piece for the Vancouver Sun.

May 17, 2010

Racism in fashion

Last night I sat on a Vancouver fashion and media panel to talk about the NFB film, The Colour of Beauty.

Obviously, in a business where appearances are everything, the colour of your skin is a big deal.

Today, I spoke about the issue with Stephen Quinn on CBC Radio One's On The Coast.

May 12, 2010

Interview: John Fluevog

John Fluevog gets the retrospective treatment this week at the Museum of Vancouver!

For CBC's On The Coast with Stephen Quinn, I interviewed Fluevog this week about his 40 years designing and what makes a good shoe.