June 20, 2012

Actually, captain, my name is Brown, Orlebar Brown

These are Orlebar Brown Setter Swim Shorts,

You may not have heard of London swimwear maker Orlebar Brown but in a few months, with the release of the next James Bond film, Skyfall, you will 1.

June 11, 2012

Father's Day fashions, Wes Anderson-style

"Well it's got to be. I'll order you a red cap and a Speedo."

TODAY, we offer Father’s Day gifts all themed around the films of Wes Anderson.

Anderson is the American film director best known for his comedy, Rushmore, which is about a precocious polymath teenager at a private school who falls in love with his teacher.

Of course there is also Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and The Darjeeling Limited. His latest, Moonrise Kingdom, came out this weekensd.

I nearly all his works we will find themes built around unsteady masculinity, boy-men looking for meaning, and often missing or wounded father figures, and these his films we often find items from the world of fashion used to connect the characters.

To wit, I present stylish gift ideas inspired by the stylish films of Wes Anderson:


Who can resist a nice tight Speedo? You can find swim briefs in navy, red, and black at Swimco ($36). Sorry, no Zissou blue.

If Dad is shy, you may also consider square-legged boxer briefs shaped like the ones in the James Bond film, Casino Royale (by TYR, $30 at Swimco). Again, they come in navy and black.

Another option are those little red toques. You can buy red toques online at American Apparel for $16. A good price but they can’t guarantee shipping before Father’s Day.

Locally, on Granville Island, try Make Vancouver.

They offer red ribbed non-pom pom acrylic beanies aka toques, with or without cuffs. The toques are $10 but the best part is they can embroidered them. So you could, theoretically, have an awesome monogram stitched onto the cap for another $10.

To really make it an awesome Father's Day present, get a red toque for the whole family! Just like Team Zissou.


In The Darjeeling Limited, three brothers go searching for their mother in India.

One of the things they fight over is a custom-made belt by Louis Vuitton (of course, we must mention a dozen pieces of LV luggage which also figure prominently, but I digress).

In the film, Owen Wilson (Francis) mentions the belt is worth $6000.

Few of us could afford it but you may be able to get Dad a handmade belt starting at $50 at Hartman Leather on Granville Island.

And better yet, if your dad has an old belt that is ripping or beginning to fall apart, you'll find at Hartman Leather belts without buckles. That way Dad can keep on using a treasured buckle.


Probably, the most Salinger-like stories, the costuming is inevitably preppy. Danny Glover in a bow tie is beautiful thing.

You can find great Carrot and Gibbs ties, handmade with mother of pearl buttons for the knot challenged, at Harry Rosen ($75, in store only).


Madras makes a star turn on Bill Murray. The colourful patchwork cotton is a summer staple and Dad can have it as pants, shorts, shirts, and ties.

My two favourites are JCrew's madras-like long ties and Brooks Brothers madras house coats. Okay the BB blazer is nice too.