April 23, 2010

Flower Power - when a man goes for a florid touch

There's nothing that suggests whimsy, elegance, and a degree of self-confidence as a flower in a lapel, or, as they say, a boutonniere. It rhymes with mutineer.

Especially, appropriate in the spring when blooms abound. I must admit I have been stalking about with the smallest of pen knives looking for the right one to put in my lapel.

Note, not all flowers are good candidates.

For a primer on perfect florals for the lapel, check out my conversation on the topic featuring Gloria Cheung of the Flower Factory.

April 5, 2010

Shoes shoes shoes from London to West Coast

Featured CBC Radio One's On the Coast with Stephen Quinn, an interview with William Lobb of John Lobb, shoemaker of kings, queens and stars.


Joan Seidl's hunt for Fox and Fluevog shoes for an upcoming show at the Museum of Vancouver, Fox, Fluevog and Friends.