January 25, 2010

Vancouver's fashion Dream Team: Jason Trotzuk of Fidelity, centre

Fidelity founder and designer Jason Trotzuk at his studio in Burnaby.

These past two weeks I have been assembling a Vancouver fashion dream team -- kind of like hockey's Team Canada. All in the run-up for the Olympics (should I put a trademark symbol here?).

Last week, I featured Heather Martin of mono. Heather was my pick for a creative, dispy-doodling right winger (not politically speaking - more like a left-handed shot).

Today, to fill out the squad, I'm calling up a denim designer who jeans can be found in LA, Miami, Montreal and New York.

Introducing! Jason Trotzuk. Centre. Fidelity Denim!

For the last decade he has brought his passion for denim and the perfect fit through Dish and now Fidelity. His goal is to create jeans that make women look great and men feel good.

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