January 11, 2010

There are no young tailors...only old ones

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With apologies to Rory Duffy (27) of Henry Poole and Co. and David Wilkes (29), bespoke tailor, young tailors are hard to come by.

And when an old tailor retires a light goes out in the sartorial firmament. A star disappears.

Renzo Montagliani (75) is calling it quits this month. Trained as a tailor in Italy at the tender age of 11, Renzo has become a fixture on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

(His retirement was covered in the Vancouver Sun, here.)

With nothing more than a jerry-rigged straight stitcher and one order to alter ten double breasteds into singles for $10 a pop, Renzo started the business that lasted 50 plus years.

I visited him today:

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