October 5, 2009

JJ, why weren't you at BC Fashion Week?

For a decent answer, check out Victoria Potter's post about BCFW at demi COUTURE. In this matter, VP captures some of what has gone out recently.

Addressing The Continuing Failure Of Vancouver’s Fashion Weeks
Sunday October 04th 2009, 8:45 pm
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2009, BC Fashion Week

There are three massive issues occurring with BC and Vancouver Fashion weeks; the model talent is sub par, clothing design is poor and there is a division between the organizational committees that put forth both productions.

The basics are simple; designers should be paying qualified and talented individuals to model their final vision and if they cannot afford to pay the models then they shouldn’t be paying the registration fees to reserve runway time. It’s as the old saying goes - you get what you pay for, and clearly the free ‘talent’ isn’t working.

There are legitimate reasons why Vancouver and BC Fashion Weeks aren’t taken seriously. The team running the show didn’t even instill enough confidence in BCFW’s creditors that they could repay them that the show was shut down. If they cannot fulfill their obligations to their creditors, then they cannot even begin to fulfill their obligations to those attending and expecting a functional production. (continue at demicouture.ca)

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