October 21, 2009

Banana Republic, Alumni, and why men should't wear stripes with stripes and stripes

Yesterday, I was organising the clothes for a UBC Alumni event at Banana Republic on Robson and Thurlow. I believe I was there for five hours. Nevertheless, it was fun.

The concept is to speak to young alumni about dressing at the next level (not dressing for a job interview) but how to dress for the workplace and advancement. Actor, writer, trouble-maker and heart-breaker Tetsuro Shigematsu will be my partner on stage and the incomparable social columnist Fred Lee will be there as well.

No John Molloy here - "Dress For Success" - that way of thinking kind of makes me gag. More importantly we look at how to dress grown-up with out dressing old.

Now, the important stuff...what will I be wearing?

So glad you asked. I will be sporting a gray flannel pencil stripe suit with a notch collar. And, because I like taking risks, I'm pairing it with a red (dominant) and blue micro plaid shirt. Both items will be from BR's Heritage Collection.

It says Heritage - but the cut is fashion forward and very young. Overall, it draws heavily on New England Americana with toggles and cabling in sweaters, patches and elements of hunting and military wear with deep patch pockets and Norfolk-like jackets.

The shirts are slim fitting with nice TAPERED sleeves. The suit has good waist suppression and very athletic cut. It's built for the heavy back of someone who is used to exercise and doesn't have a lot of padding. The cut is shoulders forward.

Their suits are great for the workplace but have achieved a highly desirable objective - they are suits that don't make a young man feel like he's in a suit.

Accessories: I'm either wearing an Italian silk knit tie (think Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate) from BR last season. A classic, nevertheless...or a bow tie. Can't quite decide.

For mixed-prints magnifilicious insanity, my socks will be herringbone and if I'm allowed, I'll be wearing a polka dot pocket square - just to drive Lisa Kwong batty. She's a bit of a clothes horse herself and has strong opinions about style - see left!

Also, gentlemen of Vancouver, watch out. If she catches you wearing striped ties, with striped shirts, with a striped suit - I've coached her to intervene and stop the abuse of stripes.

Ahem. Where was I?

My shoes are Church's custom bench brown, capped toe Oxfords. Go British or go home, I say, when it comes to footwear - but don't tell my Italian shoes that, their feelings would be hurt.

See you tomorrow night!

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  1. You hosted the UBC event? I was going planning on attending but we hosted a sale of our own that day. Sounds like it was successful!