March 19, 2007

Penny Page, reality show survivor designer (NO LONGER)

LATEST - The Penny has dropped but VBD thinks her design sense is top notch.

Penny's own apartment highlighted her elegant neo-classical minimalism.

Her suite featured an antique Recamier chaise longe and some of her grandfather's black and white photographs of flowers. The photos reminded me of the photo studies by German master photographer, Karl Blossfeldt. Beautiful. And it looks like Penny has her grandfather's eye for composition and design.

Good luck, Penny. You're VBD's Designer Superstar!!!


March Madness is in the Sweet 16 round but for Penelope Page it's the Final 3.

The Vancouver-based interior designer is one of the trio remaining in HGTV's Designer Superstar Challenge. VBD had a chance to interview Penny at her home studio. If you want to know if she makes the Finals, tune in tonight at 10 PM to HGTV.

Also check out her website.

1 comment:

  1. Great interview with Penny!

    Becoming friends with this talented lady was one of the best things to come out of being a fellow contestant on that crazy DSC show! :-)

    Penny is a bright star and she will go very far in this wonderful world of design...