March 26, 2007

Master architectural photographer Simon Scott

Mike Chadwick's recent book, Vancouver In Focus: The City's Built Form is an opportunity to consider the art of architectural photography.

While Chadwick's images were taken with a Pentax SLR, the more common professional photographer's choice for architecture is the field camera.

It's the camera with bellows and requires a tripod and makes large negatives.

More importantly, field cameras have a complex structure, an architecture even, in its design that compensates for distortions which occur when one shoots with an SLR camera. And to help us understand the art of architectural photography, VBD interviewed Simon Scott.

Simon Scott is one of the city's best (highly recommended by architects who know) and he agreed to join VBD in front of Arthur Erickson's MacMillan Bloedel building in Vancouver to talk about his art and craft.

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