May 16, 2011

Spring things, c'mon sunshine!

Today, on Fashion Monday, we look at garments that chase the BLAHS away. That's right, clothes that puts sunshine in your heart if not in the sky. That's coming up when I hit the CBC for another Fashion Monday!

Spoke with Allison Smith of Allison Wonderland about clothes that perks her up, because face it, the weather has been atrocious. Check out her choice spring items as it appeared on Urban Rush. A show on which I once dropped my drawers.

And that's today's topic on Fashion Monday, by that I mean spring things. So tune into On The Coast (CBC Radio One in Vancouver) at 3:49 PM today!

What clothes do you wear to chase the blahs away!

Listen live on the CBC audio player, 3:49 PM Pacific!

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