May 30, 2011

Review: Filson Zipper Tote

My Filson Zipper Tote, I can't do without it.

It carries my cameras, my manuscripts, my sketch pad.

It always garners kind compliments and envious side glances.

I bought mine at The Block in Vancouver two years ago

It's the only bag I use, even if it's ten days in London. Okay, I travel light.

It's not a murse. When it's new it will look like a giant canvas box. With use it will adapt to how you use it. My tote has a patina.

One of my sons says he wants it when I die (this is a common conversation). I don't mind. I teach them to appreciate things that last longer than a lifetime.

Single best purchase I ever made.


  1. Like the look of your bag. I bought one a couple of days ago. And it is stiff as hell right now. How long did it take for yours to soften?

  2. I've had mine for maybe two or three years. I can't remember. I've heard you may throw it in the wash but I kept mine the way it is. It is less stiff but not soft. Instead it has molded to me, the way a shoe would. Sort of. In truth, I don't think it look very good when it is mushy soft.