August 31, 2010

Natalie Purschwitz's year of dressing dangerously

Natalie Purschwitz has done something unheard of in our times: she wore clothes for a year made by her hands only.

Not just clothes. Underwear, socks, shoes, even home-made sunglasses.

Bras exploded. Clogs killed. Some days she just wanted to go shopping. She had become a person on the outside of our culture of instant fashionistas and super consumers. She wanted to quit.

But she never did. And today she finishes off 365 days of wearing her makeshift clothes.


To see her journey of self-made styles, check her blog, Makeshift.

Final Makeshift Day, H&G website update, BC Creative Achievement Award and upcoming show at JCNM
At last - it's the final day of makeshift.

It's been a long year for me. If you ever hear me making any remarks about doing something like this again, please dissuade me or suggest that I consider a shorter time frame. I am so sick of homemade socks.

Though exhausted, I do feel some satisfaction at having fulfilled my goal. It was surprisingly difficult in some (most) ways but also painfully boring in other ways. In the end I've confirmed that we humans really are very adaptable.

I will continue to occasionally post on the blog for a while as I try to wrap my head around things and figure out some new processes. And I've already had a lot of requests to see what I wear on my first day of freedom. Please don't get too excited about it as this is not something that I have been planning for weeks in advance. In fact I still haven't even unpacked my old clothes yet.

I thank you all for leaving comments, talking to me about the project and following the blog. Please stay tuned for future chapters!

Yours truly,
Natalie Purschwitz

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