August 31, 2010

My vote for the best tux at the Emmy's

The break down. While notch lapels are not my favourite. Shawls and peaks are. This example of a trim notch with a nice James Dean-like skinny bow tie (the only way to interpret the skinny trend in a bow tie) is youthful and modern.

Perhaps too much shirt is showing but what can be done? A higher button stance would lead to showing more of the white triangle at the bottom. This matters as this isan era when most men choose not to wear a cummerbund.

I often go without, however, one time a photographer insisted I open my dinner jacket. I refused. The best man became piqued and I obliged.

Later that year I bought a cummerbund. (And I wear it! - JJ, 2012)

One solution to the belt -ine triangle problem is to wear high-waist pants.

In any case, for semi-formal wear, where one should never open their jacket in polite company, this would be a great solution.

If only I became a real tailor, I could do these things myself.

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