February 11, 2010

Gold medal souvenirs for fashion-hungry Olympic visitors

Walking down Robson Street, an Olympic visitor may see the same boutiques and clothes they find at home. So, you can't blame them if they find it hard to uncover truly unique Vancouver fashion items. But we can help.

For those in search of a stylish memento of West Coast style, consider a trio that is simply solid gold:

  • Cowichan sweaters. They're already the hottest fashion items of the Olympics. HBC started offering REAL Cowichan sweaters after a snafu with its Cowichan-like take for its Olympic collection. However, finding one at The Bay Downtown might be pretty hard. But don't give up. Authentic Cowichan Knits (424 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver) has been selling them for years. Give Suzanne Nahanee a call and find out what they have in stock, 604-988-4735.

  • Grab onto Erin Templeton's medium sized leather tote. Made at her shop at 511 Carrall Street in Vancouver, her bags give a woman the same saucy swagger of its charming maker. Be warned, and this is from experience, people will invariably ask you where you bought it. Bonus, Erin keeps a nice array of vintage clothes and a line of one-of-a-kind recycled leather bags too.

  • For jeans with a vertically-integrated idea of the West Coast, you can't beat Fidelity Denim. Designed by Jason Trotzuk from his studio in Vancouver, Fidelity are made and finished in Los Angeles. You can find them at all over Vancouver at Aritzia.

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