February 15, 2010

Fashion designer Yumi Eto's golden moment tonight at Olympic Victory Ceremony

Originally airing on CBC Radio One's On The Coast with Stephen Quinn, my main man.

Few designers have their own Olympic moment, but for Yumi Eto and the design team at Aritzia it has arrived.

Tonight, the gold medal for Canadian freestyle mogulist Alexandre Bilodeau will be presented at BC Place. And while he will be decked out in gear by HBC, the sophisticated clothes worn by the athlete escorts and the medal and flower bearers will be wearing Eto et al.

The Heritage Sweater is the standard look for presentations in Vancouver, while a black ski coat with a faint plaid and a flaring skirt is the choice for Whistler's outdoor Victory Ceremonies.

There was much excitement at the office during the interview. The Aritzia squad had marching orders to be backstage at BC Place for Bilodeau's big moment.

Their job will be to make the ceremony garb looks picture perfect when thousands across the nation tune in to sing the national anthem.

Oh Canada never looked so good.

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