December 30, 2008

Refreshing the dress: Here are a few pointers on recycling last year's frock for this year's New Year's Eve party

The hip, hot new thing in fashion is going for the old. Apparently, recycling last year's dress for this year's New Year's is just the right pose to strike in the year of the Recessionista.

While wearing vintage is not new, the twist this year is how to update an old dress and make it few new again.

Part of this year's trend is to keep the old and bring something new to the New Year's outfit.

The best way to do that is to add accessories that hit dead-centere a few of this year's hot trends: sequins and beads, metallics and shine are great, opaque black leggings and coloured legging high-heeled peep-toes and ruffles are all spot on.

For sequins and beads: There are three great ways to bring this to a black dress.
I saw a sequined clutch, a big one, at Zara for $70 (I would link to them but HATE their website). It's a great party bag and let's you leave a purse at home.

I also found at Zara a beaded shrug to bring a bit of lustre that will draw the eye to a woman's bosom and face. They were going for between $50 - $70. But look for the sales price.

Another place to bring sequins into the outfit is on your shoes. Aldo has sparkling pumps for $70.

For shiny - I found a great metal mesh belt with chromed panel at Zara for $30. At Jacob, finish a tuxedo-inspired look with a plain ivory silk scarf. It really is lovely and is affordable at $32.

Also in the shine department were a pair of red satin peep toes at Aldo for $80.
You can find lots of peep-toes out there. Also Zara has suede peep-toes with rosettes on the in-step strap for $50. You can also find black satin peep toes as well. All of it lovely and fun.

Of course, bring a number of add-ons to the outfit requires some caution. There can be soome mix-and-match disasters. Here are a few Do's and Don'ts:

  • Don't wear textured leggings with a textured dress. If the leggings are coloured, keep the finish smooth. A textured dress calls for a plain black stockings. A plain black dress can be given extra oomph with plum or metallic tights. Texture and parttern are then welcomed. But then remember to bracket you stand-out legs with black shoes. Consider finishing it with satin peep-toes.

  • Ruffles add weight most of the time. For ruffles to work, do wear them on an a-line dress. This makes your bottom and legs look thinner. Ruffles should be big to look chic and to work to cover a tummy without adding weight. Small ruffles on tight-fitting clothes don't work. They merely make a woman look bigger, rather than fluffier. Remember, BIG ruffles. It is counter-intuitive but it works.

  • Belts with sequins and shine are a DO! So do it.

If you feel the need to break the trend and wear a new dress - on a bargain - at Urban Outfitters I found a boat neck jacquard tunic dress with daisies and fleur-de-lys waves. It's by C. Ronson and has a great sheen to it. The thread is glossy or metallic. The dress has a button back. It's $144 and available in Toronto and Vancouver.

Also I liked a halter dress at Le Chateau. Metalic thread in cerulean blue and gem plum or in a flat black for $90. I really like the open back.

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