December 9, 2008

Bad fashion writing

Sometimes, I worry that I'm wasting my time writing about fashion. Then I realize, there are few men who actually have a feel for writing about menswear.

Case in point - this little here article from the Calgary paper...what is it? The Herald?

Anyway, I'll assume it was filed by a disgruntled crime beat reporter
whom they are torturing into retirement by making him write fashion

I personally like writing about fashion and see it as a pure joy. Tell me if you detect any joy in story. Is this a beauty or what?

The whole mess reminds me of something the very fine fashion thinker and sometimes literary pornographer Russell Smith wrote about Indian blog content mills.

Both the Herald piece and the example Smith offers share an impenetrable cluelessness, a total quality of daftness...

"Watches have hands. They are called analog. Ironically, even though "digital" watches are called so, they have no hands. In Latin, digit means fingers. Fingers are attached to your palms. Together, they constitute the hand. Watches strangely enough are usually strapped onto ones wrist. Perhaps, referring to any watch as "digital" is one of those slip-ups in the English language."

Something like that. Nothing to fear, I say.

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