September 30, 2008

Fall leaves inspire drop in sweater hemlines and chunky cosy details

Regardless of today's high temperature, it 'tis the season to be wearing sweaters and I spoke with a twin set of designers - Anthony Castro and Scott Walhovd of the local label and boutique, 212 - about the warm and fuzzy.

Bold...fetish...architectural are the trends governing womenswear this season but how do they apply to this season's sweaters?

They do and they don't. The idea of bold silhouettes can't manifest in knitwear the way they can in leather goods or structured tailored clothes.

That said, Sweaters are chunky with bold collars and details.

Another trend s a low-slung aesthetic. It's like gravity has taken hold of dramatically cut soft materials and dragged it down to create the slouchy look. Think swooshes, downward hem lines and neck lines.

It's a relief after years of high-cropped clothes like belly shirts and layered looks that have segmented women's bodies between the bust and waist.

Now, it's time to look at layering action around the thighs.

In this gravity influenced design, look out for low vees, low-slung closure points and button details.

Sweaters are like the stock market....they're going down.

Locally look to Scott Walhovd and Anthony Castro of 212 for their take.

They have a great heavy shawl collared cardigan. Double-breasted with six-on-six leather buttons. Try it with leggings and ankle boots or even low-profiled sneakers.

They also have a plum sweater dress in cashmere silk that hits mid-thigh and can be worn as a tunic with skinnies.

And Anthony mentioned layering with thin tees and the right sweater is the way to go this season.

He says, "Make your own look."

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