September 18, 2008

And what about the fashion sense of Obama and McCain?

Amy Lapsley asked via Facebook:

Amy Lapsley at 9:51pm September 17
what do you think of obama v. mccain in the fashion department?

My response:

JJ Lee at 11:31am September 18
Obama looks great. McCain seems feeble but that's an age thing. I find their attire more invisible than the attire of our candidates.

One of the great goals of sophisticated masculine style is to make the clothes invisible. The focus should be on the person.

Both McCain and Obama have done that.

Because, our leaders are less skilled in dress, they often wear things that draw attention to their clothes - mistakes are noticeable, dressing well is all about "je ne sais quoi"!

And you, Amy Lapsley always achieve the quoi!

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