July 9, 2007

Kind of like the Sartorialist but for BC architecture

Received a nice note from Dave. A fellow architecture/design blogger: Pacific Northwest Regional Architecture.

Verdict on his site: like it. Here's Dave's mission:

"This is a blog about a style of architecture found in the Pacific Northwest. The style is often referred to as Westcoast Contemporary or Northwest Regionalism. My plan for this blog is to just post as many pictures and information as I can. If you have any pictures of houses or buildings that fit this style or you have any info to share about this subject, send me an email: dave@pnwra.com"

But WHO is Dave?

1 comment:

  1. Wow, this Dave guy has good taste in architecture.


    Seriously though, I'm nobody important, I'm not even an architect, just a guy with a blog and a camera who's extremely tired of seeing poorly designed tacky fake "historical" styles of architecture filling the streets of beautiful Pacific Northwest cities like Vancouver. The blog is my small way of convincing people to build modern regionally appropriate architecture.