July 4, 2007

Design bytes - Chloe Angus comeback kid, Mara Gottler in the Hobbit House

Chloe Angus gave VBD a tour of her studio in advance of the Leo Awards last month. Chloe's clothes would be featured on trophy bearers at the awards show. But having something to drape on the back of any models is a credit to Chloe because earlier this year things looked to be on the brink of disaster. Check out her comeback story.

Mara Gottler is a designer by night but by day she is a wardrobe designer for Bard on the Beach. Things are underway but the job isn't done. Here's what Mara wrote to VBD about the latest at the Bard:
"This week as we are in the homestretch for the final show at Bard and I am trapped in the wardrobe all day and some evenings too, depending on previews.

We are currently working at the Observatory (at Vanier Park), in what I call, "Hobbit House," as it is the small room left of the telescope. It is all ivy-covered on the outside and set into a hill, so it's adorable. The real bonus is the air-conditioning and the flush toilets, not a small thing considering Bard's camper-style accomodations at the tent..."
Sounds like Mara found her little piece of the Shire (commode and all) at Bard. The clothes are lovely (I saw them at their off-site workshop at the Vancouver Playhouse's warehouse), Mara, so bravo and break a leg.

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