November 29, 2011

Menswear questions of the Month: Plaids or tartans, velvet or velour

From Banana Republic, you can say, "Kiss me, I'm Scottish," with Men's Plaid Tie, $74

All answered in my latest Style Master column for The Vancouver Sun.

Q: I'm excited about the popularity of plaid in shirts and ties this season. But I have a neurotic fear that I will insult the Scottish. What are good rules of thumb for using plaids, or is it "tartans"?

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Q: What are quick and simple ways of dressing for evening parties this season and where does velvet comes in? How does a man do velvet (or is it velour) well?

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Q. Elbow patches are kind of hot in a "professor that might secretly be Indiana Jones" sort of way - but they also look kind of contrived - especially on a brand new jacket. Does the elbow patch have a place on a new jacket or does it belong only in a vintage piece?

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