June 14, 2011

#CANUCKS: Showing your colours without dressing like a member of the fourth line

Everyone wants to show their support for the Canucks. Even if it means wearing a hockey sweater over ones work clothes.

However, it isn't the best look. It is loyal but not flattering.

The only people who don't look dumpy in a hockey sweater are hockey players.

Here's how I handled wearing team colours for Game 6.

Church's bench-made Oxford lace ups. My particular colour is no longer available. And the company has changed ownership over the years.

Joe Fresh white denim:

"Getting Canadian men into a pair of white pants can be very difficult...but at the height of summer, if you can figure it out, it can change their mindset for summer. Whatever you put on top, you're full-on into summer." -Joe Mimran of Joe Fresh
Self-tailored (tight), Tommy Hilfiger, purple button Oxford button-down shirt with large-scaled collar points with lots of roll (this means the collar buttons give the collar loft). I admit my favourite shirt. It seems it's the only one I am photographed in the most.

Vintage shrunken blazer (literally, I washed it, threw it in the dryer, and then repaired it).

Vintage green and blue striped tie.

Green silk pocket square.

Of course, we lost. So all these items will NO LONGER be worn again on game days.

For more on alternatives to dressing for big games.

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