March 7, 2011

I, Cinder-Fella's Fairy Godfather of fashion


I had an amazing weekend being a Fairy Godfather.

Yes, I had a magic wand. Made of chocolate. I received as my reward for helping three senior high school grads pick out their graduation suits as part of the Cinderella Project.

My Cinder-fellas, that’s what they’re called, are students who have overcome lots of adversity and, to tell the truth, have survived heart-breaking life experiences to finish their studies and stand forth as graduates.

The Cinderella Projects rewards them by providing suits, ties, shirts, shoes and more for free so they can be decked out to perfection for Grad Night (in the US, it’s Prom Night).

Thirty teen boys and 130 girls went through the experience. The young women, of course, received beautiful dresses.

Later today, I’ll be talking about my experience this weekend on CBC Radio One in Vancouver at 3:49 PM Pacific.

Listen live with a pop-up player here.

If you can’t wait to hear what the Cinderella Project experience is like, check out my radio piece from last year. It’s the story of my experience last year as an opinionated style reporter who couldn’t stay out of the fray. Just click the player.

I also have to mention. Big ups for Dion Neckwear. They provided 100 ties and pocket squares to the Cinderella Project on short notice (one week). They sell ties at Harry Rosen, Holt Renfrew and the West End shops of The Bay.

The ties were amazing!

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