November 1, 2010

Fashion Icon: Interview with Jeanne Beker of Fashion Television on the EDIT collection at The Bay

NOTE: I used my flash video as a microphone (because audio is everything to me) and the camera kind of catches odd angles but it's kind of funny, so I hope no one minds.

Jeannie Beker of Fashion Television has been asking fashion designers questions for the last 25 years.

Today, I had the chance to turn the tables and ask her some questions.

Fashion has a lot of surface and spectacle to it. But I wanted to understand how Beker connected to fashion and clothes personally, so I asked her about her personal view of fashion and the influences in her life. So check out the RAW interview above. Note, I used my Kodak ZX1 as a microphone. Don't mind the wonky images (though I find it kind of cool).

Now regarding the EDIT collection at the Bay:

Overall, it’s very smart. It hits a middle demographic. I think it would do well with woman who are older than 30, who have a bit of money but they are not millionaires, (they’re fashion conscious and don’t want to settle for middle of the road looks.

I see it as a suitcase collection. If you want to fly off to Paris and still feel glamourous on a budget, this might be the clothes for you.

Two items I really like are her jeans and Beker's take on the cape coat.

The jeans are $85. They are skinny but the aren’t low rise. They have a nice medium rise which can be very flattering and is, as Beker told me, muffin-top proof.

The camel coloured cape coat $195 is really chic and classic and would look good on the street in Vancouver or Paris. Of course, the camel has nearly sold out. But they also come in black.

Overall EDIT is an easy on the go look – it has the feel of the clothes fashion designers would wear as opposed to what  a fashion desinger would put on the runway – it's glamourous, simple and casual not a bad combo and you can find it at The Bay.

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