September 30, 2010

Menswear trends that won't make your head look fat

Certain fashion trends, even if they’re ballyhooed and blogged to the heavens, fail to lift off. Some just take time to build.

For example, take wide-leg trousers. For the past four seasons, retailers have been tempting women to peel off their skinnies and buy newer, more swishy pants. The trend has been packaged as neo-hippie groove, North African harem pant chic, and as plucky yet romantic Amelia Earhart androgyny. The reception, however, continues to be lukewarm. Women prefer squeezing into their tight denim.

The male approach to change can be even more glacial, no matter how hard fashion labels and retailers strive to quicken the tempo of men’s clothing consumption.

Once men adopt a look, such as the spread-collared shirts, they find it hard to let go. Even if it makes many of their heads look terribly fat.

So, with that in mind, change can be a good thing. Here are a few fashion-savvy types with their fall trends. You may find some very familiar. All are worth adopting:

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  1. in the article with the photo of a tan blazer/jacket who is it by and where can it be obtained? the ic just says "handout"

  2. Hi Greg. The tweedy sports coat (it's not a blazer per se) is from Brooks Brothers. It's a wool cashmere blend. But you should be able to find lots of coats like it this season. Thanks for writing.