September 16, 2009

David Wilkes, Vancouver bespoke tailor, gets the nod in GQ UK from Douglas Coupland

(photo credit: Cruz)

David Wilkes, bespoke tailor, who will be featured in my fall menswear piece for the Vancouver Sun, not only got the big thumbs up from Douglas Coupland, now the writer is praising Wilkes at GQ UK!

The word:
Your website contains an index of "Couplandisms," one of which asserts that "Once you establish a look, and once everybody recognises that look as your look, you never have to think about fashion again." What's your look?
Headwise, I always kind of knew that everyone goes grey in our family very early—and I was like, it works for me. I started growing my beard and it changes the shape of your skull and your face, and I started seeing my mother's side of the family in myself for the first time. I always get jealous of Prince William because he looks so much like his mom, so that's why I keep this [beard] but it makes me look so old fashioned—I look like an Antarctic explorer or an old Civil War photograph.

And the dresscode?
Bespoke tailoring: yes! I found this one pair of pants—they're Canali—and brought them into a tailor and said, clone these dammit. They just do all the right things. I've got eight pairs in different colors and I never have to think about pants again. The only look otherwise that suits me is like, the Professor from Gilligan's Island. Everyone should have a tailor. David Wilkes, the guy who does my stuff, is like, 'Well you're a writer - do you want a special pen compartment or something?' Bespoke: That's the term you want to get out there.

Congrats, David. To contact David Wilkes, visit

And look out for my fall menswear feature in the Vancouver Sun (coming soon).

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