May 25, 2009

Genevieve Graham on Life after Project Runway Canada with JJ Lee

I wanted to catch up with Genevieve Graham. She was a fashion luminary in this town but she fell off the fashion map a few years ago.

She was a prominent womens wear designer for the Vancouver-based luxury label Obakki. It is an ambitious brand with global ambitions.

Genevieve resigned from Obakki when the creative direction changed. And in many ways, Genevieve disappeared from the scene for a couple of years.

But here's the news - this past season she was featured in on Project Runway Canada.

Her public comeback was a controversial. At times she was painted as a villain on the show.

Her expertise in the art of draping came under fire when the judges pushed her to use more tailoring in her designs.

Genevieve stuck to her guns.

She made it to the final four but was bounced off the show this spring. And now that it's over, I wanted to catch up with her.

I met her this morning at the Salty Tongue in Gastown. It was right across the street of a new store called Gentil Alouette that will open this summer. And that's where I asked Genevieve about her future and life after reality TV.

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