April 23, 2009

Canada's first Brooks Brothers set to open in Vancouver this May

If you've always suspected that I'm too conservative when it comes to menswear, this may prove your point.

Brooks Brothers is opening its first Canadian store in Vancouver and I'm absolutely stoked.

As an alienated teen of the eighties, I was a pure, unadulterated nerd (not remotely in a cool way) or, on occasion, I aspired to appear as an art punk/new waver. Some of my peers would have had some elements of proto-Goth (I'm thinking of you, Ms. Watson) but I was too pop for that.

Even when I went for half-shaved hair, torn shirts and black, army surplus high tops, or just plain ugly jeans with baggy t-shirts, I always looked with envy and lust at the preppies of Hudson High School and Chambly County High School.

Somehow all of this manifested now as a passion for Trad or Prep clothes. I'm a HUGE fan of J. Press in New York. I do wear bowties and button downs but alas it doesn't change the past. I'll never have a tryst with M. Spriggs. She was simply beautiful. Funny how a sense of style is an expression of longings, anxieties and, well, I should write a book about it. Oh, yeah, I am.

Cue the Billy Bragg music: I will definitely be at the store opening.

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