March 16, 2009

Seeking single breasted, peak lapel tuxedos

A quick check up with all this talk of tuxes....a sign of taste and quality is whether or not tux rental shops offer simple classics. Many don't. I called around Vancouver and these are the one that have the "classic".

  • Black and Lee offers the classic one-button, peak lapel called style "780" - romantic isn't it. But it is a catalog service which means, you can't try them on before ordering it. They do have a shawl collar with is a style I very much like, "700". I lost my shawl collar at my old tailoring shop. I think my master tailors sold it to someone else. True story!
  • Freeman does, it's style 1000 (admittedly, two-button) but it's Calvin Klein and has a narrow fit. My good friends wore this cut last year and I was impressed. Plus you can have style 2087 (one-button, yeah!).
  • Debonair, one of the few rentals which house suits on site, carry a two-button peak, style 270. NB the best part of renting from shops that have their own suits, you can try them on before renting them. They may actually fit. Do it.
  • Tux Store on Broadway in Vancouver also has peaks by Calvin Klein.

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