November 3, 2008

Vancouver fashion designers answer the $150 000 Sarah Palin question

Q. What would you do with $150 000 to spend on clothes as a vice-presidential nominee?

A. Nadine Spidla of Imaginary Friend:
I think it worked for Sarah Palin...She is definitely pulling off the business-person blazer. I think that's working for her. And she's choosing red which works perfect with her complexion.

While Nadine of Imaginary Friend recommends a long great coat,
your spending spree could put Imaginary Friend's swing coat on
the shopping list. And it won't cost a million bucks or even $150 000.

Q. What fashion item would you get with an unlimited budget if you had to run as VP?

I think a great coat polishes up any look. Even if you have to run to store and pick up a carton of milk - you put on a great (over) coat - you look like a hundred bucks, a million bucks.

A. Megan Dengerink of Imaginary Friend: You want it to be tailored because the camera adds ten pounds. But for us, while it's not a long coat, our swing coat because it's shorter will make the lower part of the body look slimmer if you wear pencil skirt with your suit.

Mother Trucker's black Ava dress will get most in need of
an a-line first past the post.

Q. What do you think about fashion being such a big deal in the US election?

A. Erin Stansfield of Mother Trucker Clothing:
Fashion has always played a role in politics...Marie-Antoinette was a fashionista. It not just taking a new role, it's just that we're talking about it a little bit more lately. They go hand in hand.

I'll vote for that.

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