June 10, 2008

From Straight to the Sun

Starting today, I will be the men's style columnist for the Vancouver Sun. I, in my vanity, asked for a photo byline. It was taken on the fly by Steve Bosch of the Vancouver Sun.

I went to their second floor photo studio in the Vancouver Sun building. Bosch seemed harried. No one told him what was what. But he started doing his thing. I had been drenched by the rain and my hair was sticking up at the back. In the print addition, they cropped it so my fly-aways are no longer there.

Hard to reproach the way men dress when I look like a navvy. A coworker said, "I never realized you could look so rugged." I think she was being kind.

Leaving the Straight was a tough decision but also something I wanted to try. With all the media conglomeration, I wanted to see if I could make some headway in the Global media family.

To wit, I made on the front web page of the National Post on Tuesday. It will get plowed under as the day goes...but you can check it out here as well.

The Straight has been good to me and I especially want to thank the editor-in-chief, Charlie Smith, for all his encouragement.

Onwards if not upwards...

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