January 14, 2008

Wedding dresses: dream dress and shopping pointers for the bride in white

Football playoffs aside, it is kick-off time for brides-to-be.

Wedding dresses take six to seven months to order, fit and adjust. So the first weeks of January become the buy or die moment for women planning summer nuptials.

Thousands of brides heard the whistle and descended upon Wedding World 2008 at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center. That's where VBD had a chance to speak to some brides about their search for the perfect wedding dress.

Plus a few points from Pearl Chen from Bello Wedding World to help you avoid wedding dress search meltdowns. Listen.

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  1. Hi JJ!
    I love your fashion tips on CBC radio and listen to them regularly :-) So as I am starting to think about my wedding dress I immediately thought of seeking out your website in hopes of getting some advice. See, big wedding dress shows and a myriad of ridiculously priced wedding boutiques are great but not for me. My guy and I are taking an 'alternative' route and doing something simple intimate and fun on the beach followed but a big bbq with friends. So while the wedding - this coming August - will be relatively nontraditional, I still need to look smashing, right? This is where I need help! How does one even begin to look for a beautiful wedding-like dress that is not a traditional wedding dress but still white and beautiful and special? I want people to be able to tell which girl is the bride!!! Sounds complicated... Finding something special like a local designer's work would be great to support the Vancouver talent but where do I go? Where do I look? HELP. Please :-)