September 10, 2007

The Design Deficit

No. I'm not refering to my site. But I am talking about the hot labour market and the potential effect it has had on the design industries in Vancouver.

VBD knew something was up when designers across the board - architects to fashion designers - were complaining about how difficult it was to staff all their projects. That was the topic On The Coast with CBC Radio host Belle Puri.

Listen to today's column: The Design Deficit featuring communication designer Todd Smith, Stephen Webster of the Vancouver Film School, and Stantec Vice President Brian Johnson.


  1. If the wages keep getting lower no one will take the job.

    Instead of talking to large corporations, talk to designers that are working in the industry.

    Schools and Colleges pump out more students than their are available jobs.

  2. Anonymous writes the above without a firm idea of what was happening a year ago.

    At the time of my report, young designers could not be kept on the shelves. Todd Smith is a young designer and working in the industry.

    VFS educates young designers and Stantec are employers. I think I did cover all the bases.

    In the field of architecture, fellow graduates from my alma mater said if a monkey could draft they'd be working in this town.

    Of course, everything has changed in one short year.