August 30, 2007

Hot topic: New Canucks jersey works fans into a sweat


To hear from the first designer behind the Canucks original hockey jersey, check out my interview with Joe Borovich which aired on Monday.

Now, for my perspective, I listened to the Team 1040 last night. Talked to John Horn subbing for Blake Price about the hottest design topic in the city - THE NEW CANUCKS JERSEY.

Things to dislike...making the players wear the words, "Vancouver," during home games. Hello, we know what city we're in. Why not put "Canucks"...oh yeah, it would make the Orca C logo redundant.

Also, I thought the new design rules stressed a more vertical look, so why the big horizontal trim on the bottom of the jersey?

Then there's the Orca. I like Fin, the mascot. But the logo, hate it. The fact that it's called the Birthing Orca is enough to tell you it fails. Pseudo First Nations elements really makes for unfettered cultural appropriation. If you want a whale, go for it, but don't pretend to be First Nations. Unless, of course, Brent Lynch, the Orca logo designer, received some form of permission to crib the look from a First Nations - that'd be a classy thing to do.

On the plus side. Colours are great. The uniform is fairly trim looking despite the horizontal lines - so rules be damned.

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