June 6, 2007

40 years of interior design with Robert Ledingham

Photograph by Yvette St. Amant

Tuesday night, I moderated a discussion with interior designer Robert Ledingham at the presentation centre for Stirling House, a development near the Vancouver School of Theology at Point Grey.

Ledingham designed ten suites in the luxury building, branded the Ledingham Collection. Potential buyers, Ledingham fans and former clients (I assume they are the one and the same) were in attendance.

We talked about Ledingham's 40 year career and how he has epitomized west coast style with his early years of practice at Thompson Berwick and Pratt and later in his collaborations with distinguished Vancouver architects like James Cheng, Peter Busby, and Arthur Erickson.

Ledingham was a delightful presenter and it was quite a novel experience for me.


  1. it would be nice to know about events like this before they happen. any chance of a calender? or can you recommend somewhere that details all of vancouvers "design" events.

  2. I'd probably won't maintain a calendar on Vancouver By Design as mostly this is an archive of my design stories for CBC and The Georgia Straight.

    And it's hard enough doing that!

    However, The Georgia Straight does a good job of event listings.

    This event was announced in The Vancouver Sun on Friday. I'm not sure where else the info went.

    Regarding an overall design listing for Vancouver, it's not a bad idea but not for this non-revenue generating blog. Thanks for your comment. I didn't think anyone read this blog except Mark Busse of Industrial Brand Creative and playwright and radio producer Charlie Cho.