February 11, 2007

Modernize Tailors and made-to-measure suits

It's been crazy.

A new menswear column for The Georgia Straight, a feature documentary on CBC Radio One's Ideas on the suit called, "The Measure of a Man," and a feature article on Modernize Tailors and what you need to know about ordering a made-to-measure suit in The Vancouver Sun, has caused a flood of email to Vancouver By Design and Modernize Tailors with serious sartorial questions.

This Monday, VBD will present an advice segment On The Coast.

I'm sure there are other important design stories to cover but if so, send me a press release!

So, look for it, sartorial advice on Monday's Vancouver By Design.

1 comment:

  1. I am very happy that you have joined the ranks of a seeminly declining industry. Although there are lots of tailors of dubious talents around the world willing to move to North America, there are very few systems to bring them into the high end and scrutinous fold and effectivley supply the needy custom high end.
    Instead tailors they will probably retrain at the retail alteration level and
    be told to do only minor alterations to ready made garments.
    What we need are tailoring design masters that can teach a new generation of salespeople to start their own tailoring design practice
    and build a loyal clientele.
    This to me is the future and what I am already doing as a tailoring designer.
    All the best JJ
    Steve Samson