February 25, 2006

DIY home-building guru makes way to Vancouver Island

According to the blog http://lloydkahn-ongoing.blogspot.com, Lloyd Kahn is on his way to BC. Kahn is best known for his advocacy of do-it-yourself homebuilding.

He will be documenting structures for his upcoming book, Builders of the
Northwest Coast

In 1973, Kahn published the iconoclastic work, Shelter. It captured the world of counter-cultural constructions of the 1960s, including yurts, sod roofs, geodesic domes, and recycled shacks, decades before "green" architecture became a catch-phrase.

Along with building theorist, Christopher Alexander, Kahn exerted a powerful influence on socially-conscience architects and architecture students at the University of British Columbia.

Keep visiting for updates as Vancouver By Design is working hard to bring
Lloyd Kahn "On The Coast."

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